Our hours are flexible seven days a week, pending availability.
Minimum 24 hour advance notice to book appointments is required for our service to ensure availability.

Our pricing is based on the amount of time required for the service, the time of day, frequency, and complexity of the assistance.

We are fully licenced with Veterans Affairs Canada for direct billing. Includes medical and non-medical runs.

Transportation costs can be up to 40% LESS than a taxi service.

  • One-way, round-trip and multi-stop transportation.
  • Accompaniment may be added on to your transportation
  • Book us for one occasion or set up regularly scheduled services on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, schedule permitting.
  • Free estimates

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Additional passengers: Transportation is provided on an individual basis to a client. A client may travel with one caregiver, or family member free of charge, however, both passengers must depart from the same location and be traveling to the same destination.
A pre-planned and quoted trip is available based on the client's itinerary, and health challenges. All trips are pre-arranged and are agreed to by all parties prior to going on excursion.
Seniors To Go Service reserves the right to decline a request for transportation services under bylaw No.B-06/2011.

After each transportation service is completed, we accept Cash, Debit, VISA and MasterCard. Regularly scheduled services on a daily, weekly or monthly basis have the option of bi-monthly or monthly billing.